Risk Warning
Our TrekFit Trail Training events are suitable for to most fitness levels and or who have a driving desire to keep fit
These types of events are all run at a level which is both aerobically challenging and kinetically energising .
The TrekFit Trail Training events may give you an exceptionally high level of heart rate for extended periods.
Note: It is your responsibility to ensure that you are medically fit before undertaking any of our activities.
These events are high impact and travel across un-even surfaces, and therefore,
the risk of injury can be much greater than you are accustomed too.
By undertaking any of these events, you acknowledge that there is a greater risk of injury and that you accept these risks.
t r e k f a . o r g
~ T R E K F I T   T R A I L   T R A I N I N G ~
An ECO Friendly Outdoor Recreational Club
Get out of the office, and into the bush with TrekFit Trail Training....

Off Road Trek Training
                                                  Guranteed to improve your  physical and mental endurance

TrekFit Trail Training combines all levels of aerobic, strength and endurance, and interval training giving you core strength and stability with each session taking you through some of the best bushwalking terrain on the Northshore.

TrekFit Trail Training provides you with a diverse environment, which keeps your body alert through an ever changing foot pad that can include stepping over fallen trees, dashing up a rocky staircase or leaping over creeks and other obstacles.

TrekFit Trail Training allows you to inhale mood-enhancing negative ions, invisible molecules that increase oxygen flow to the brain, making you feel more energetic and alert.

TrekFit Trail Training creates better balance and improves leg and core strength for long distance walking and keeps you kinetically energised
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By booking this event you acknowledge that you have read and understood the accompaying risk warning below.

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You only have to take it regularly, not seriously.
TrekFit has trained people for day and overnight hikes, adventure races, treks to Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Everest
and the many other treks both here and abroad.
In simple terms, Trekfit Trail Training is a fun way to assist you to become fit and healthy.