Risk Warning
Our Fitness in Seven Days event is most suitable for persons who regularly exercise and or who have a driving desire to keep fit
These types of events are all run at a level which is both aerobically challenging and kinetically energising .
TheFitness in Seven days event may give you an exceptionally high level of heart rate for extended periods.
Furthermore, this type of event require a good level of motor skills, balance, endurance and the ability to negotiate uneven surfaces.
If you feel that this event may be too challenging, it may be in your best interest to undertake one of our other less challenging events.
Note: It is your responsibility to ensure that you are medically fit before undertaking any of our activities.
These events are high impact and therefore, the risk of injury can be greater than that of our other acticities.
t r e k f a . o r g
~ F I T N E S S  I N  S E V E N  D A Y S ~
An ECO Friendly Outdoor Recreational Club

F i t n e s i n S e v e n D a y s
Join us for a fun filled, fitness and team building experience

We challenge our members to the Seven Days of Fitness.

This challenge will get you motivated, toned and looking good for summer.

Not to mention, the additional fitness it will add to your life.

These fun events re-commence soon.

Watch this page for upcoming dates .

Event cost: $35.00

Welcome to Trekfa's Biggest Winner
Turn yourself into a winner in just seven days.
Our most recent Biggest Winner lost just on 3kgs in our Seven Days of Fitness program.
That equates to more than 1.5kg weight loss per week'
Are you ready for a new image?

Book Your Interest Today.
The next seven event series will run over a three week period.
By booking this event you acknowledge that you have read and understood the accompaying risk warning below.

Event dates:
2014 dates to be announced.

T: 0400 TREKFA
(0400 873 532)

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