Stroke Victims Day
Saturday 1st November 2014
Workshop cost from just $55.00 with mornng tea provided.
0r $65.00 for bookings received after 18th October  2014.

Learn more about self rescue after capsize!

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2014 Parramatta River Three Islands Heratage Paddle.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Having a Decent STROKE....
You won’t die having a decent stroke! A good stoke will simply get you there faster by giving you more control over your life. When kayaking, many paddlers forget about the different strokes which are available to them. If you are having any difficulty with technique, manoeuvring or having problems with controlling the boat’s direction then this workshop will be worth every minute you spend on it. So, don’t spend the rest of your life being a vegie paddler. If you are going to have a stroke,
at least have a really decent one!

Don’t miss out on this very informative day.

Event includes all boats and equipment plus morning tea.
This one day workshop will re-introduce you to the ‘seven essential strokes’ through to ‘how to rescue yourself after capsize’.
The day will also cover boating awareness and navigation along with other topics.

Note: Demonstrations will be carried out in our two man kayaks.
The event cost has been heavily discounted and limited to members that utilize our club boats.
What to Bring: Water and snacks, lunch, wet footwear etc and wetsuit if you have one, small dry towel plus dry top to change into plus a change of clothes in car.
Meeting Place - Bobbin Head at southern end of the park just past the play-ground at 8.00am. Finish time is expected to be around mid afternoon.

This is an essential workshop for anyone who ventures out paddling.
Join our workshop today!
Feel safer, more competent and relaxed the next time you go out onto the water.

Our workshop cost is just $55.00 at the discounted rate with boats supplied.
(Cost is $65.00 for bookings received after 18th October 2014)

(Take advantage of our low cost. Other workshops around Sydney will often cost upwards of $150.00)
Note: Our standard cost for this workshop package without discounts is $75.00.

Safety is always our concern, but ultimately, it is your responsibility.

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