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Messages: 12.05.13
From The Camino Team: The team would like to pass on their very best wishes and congratulations to Kate, her husband & daughter, on the safe arrival of their little girl, Aoife (Baby Treakfa).
From Helen T: Well done to all and am envious of your journey and all the experiences that you have had.  Congratulations and cheers to you all!.
From Carmel:
Saturday saw us up & about to greet the day with a walk around Santiago. We were shown the highlights of the city including the many places of culinary repute, markets - mainly fruit, veg & fish & many many squares which lead in & out of ancient streets. After an exciting morning the group split up to various activities such as shopping, re-visiting places of interest, a bus trip to Finisterre, the most western part of Europe, a crazy ride on a ferris wheel where you could see the city of Santiago from on high & some even took time out to push a few zzzzs! This was our first full day in Santiago & a memorable one for each of us individually.
Today, Sunday, we headed off to Mass. We had been told by reliable sources that the incense burner would be swung at 9:30am. So up for breakfast bright & early & a brisk walk to the Cathedral saw us get there in plenty of time to secure great seats up front. Our source proved VERY reliable but of course we dent allow for Spanish time. The burner was swung at around 9:45 followed by Mass. Being in the cathedral for the incense swinging over the congregation was amazing & topped off by a beautifully sung Mass. We were sooooo lucky to be in just the right place at the right time. Team TREKFA Camino have truly finished their Camino!
The morning was complete with delicious hot chocolate & coffee. Yet again we head off in different directions to soak in the atmosphere of this buzzing city & agree to meet up for a celebratory dinner to farewell Michelle who is heading off to Morocco & to Spain as we leave early in the morning for Portugal & later Paris. Team TREKFA Camino is slowly dispersing as the days progress, Michelle to Morocco, some back to Sydney & others to Holland & England. Farewell to friends ok'd & new & look forward to re-grouping with a
Saturday Sunrise walk (& probably coffee & cake afterwards)

Messages: 13.05.13
From Isti Jenkins: Hi Hadijah and Dorian, Love reading your updates on the great adventure across Spain.....wonderful photos and your diary notes convey the atmosphere you must be enjoying so much! Just beginning to wonder how you are bearing up as the journey draws to a close and feel sorry for anyone with blisters since I suffer from one after walking less than half and hour to get to the shops.... Can't wait to hear first hand more of journey when you return, the weather here has been unusually warm till now....glad you have a jacket or two Hadijah!
Safe travels, wonderful memories. Love Isti
From Greg: Carmel and Robyn are one of the first team members to depart Spain. From Santiago de Compostela they travel south by train to Portugal, leaving Santiago at 0415hrs today. From Portugal they fly to Paris spending two and a half days there before a long haul flight home via Frankfurt and Singapore arriving back in Australia at first light Saturday Morning. You should all be able to hear them come in as their flight is probably the first big jet to land at Mascot. If they could get through customs quickly they should be made to do our Saturday Sunrise for going away and having so much fun. Tener una casa de pasaje, feliz aterrizaje seguro.

Messages: 14.05.13
From Pierre & Claire: Hello All, Congratulations on your achievement, we are looking forward to hearing all your stories. Have fun celebrating, relaxing and visiting other great parts of Europe. See you later in the month.

Messages: 17.05.13
From Stephanie Sarka:
Hi Ana, How are those feet of yours holding up?  Hope you’re avoiding those blisters. Pictures of the scenery you are seeing looks amazing. Steph x

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